Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Normal Vagaina Pic My Little 14 Year Old Sister Says She Masturbate A Lot And It Is Normal, But She Is Not Sure If She Is Doing?

My little 14 year old sister says she masturbate a lot and it is normal, but she is not sure if she is doing? - normal vagaina pic

well. Is this normal? He told me not to talk, but she began to speak. She said that the talk disgusting, but it will not stop. She said her vagaina white sticky. I asked my sister when she masturbated, she said. What do you think? If you were his brother, 22 years, what would you tell him about what they do and why. I said, it is normal and should feel good, but he said he did not feel good, but it will continue to do so. I do not understand.


  1. It is perfectly normal. And you can not have, because he is new and it feels strange. Okay, it all the time, are safe and good hygiene. Suffice it to say these words, and you can understand what it means. He also talks about weird, but it lets you know who is not unusual and do not want to exaggerate, but it's good, you can talk to him. Just to say again that this is normal, it must be ensured (be careful, what will you do), she has a good hygienic practices (washing), and you can not be good is good, but if necessary, something starts, it does hurting must stop. Hope this helps!

  2. mother of two beautiful babiesNovember 25, 2009 at 6:51 PM

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